What is cork

Cork comes from the cork oak, a tree native of the Mediterranean region and extends to countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Italy northern Africa and recently in Australia! Portugal alone, provides more than 50% of the worlds cork production and the extraction method is completely eco-friendly to the tree. Harvesting is a process that does not harm the tree in any way.  The bark is extracted entirely by hand, without any machinery, by skilled, trained technicians - The tree is not cut down, it´s surface does not suffer damages and the trees can last hundreds of years.


Portugal has the largest cork oak forest in the world. The cork oak tree can live until around 200 years old, being harvested for the first time at about 25 years old and then every 9 years. Only in so many years will the bark reach the minimum thickness required to provide the high quality cork we need for manufacturing high quality products. Besides the sustainability of cork production, it is important to know that growing, harvesting, caring and enhancing the planting of new cork trees is extremely important for our eco-system. We are proud to be part of this cycle to contribute to an eco-friendly world. We preserve this ancient rural culture that co exists perfectly with nature.

Why cork?

Cork is a material that is 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Due to its elastic, waterproof and fire resistant properties, cork is a material with immense potential of multi-purpose usage in various type of products. Cork products will contribute more and more to a cleaner and sustainable world, a very green solution.

What is cork leather?

Also called corkskin, corkfabric or new leather is produced from quality bark trough advantaged technology in combination with centuries of old portuguese cork know how. It is a partial new material since 2001 and is gaining rapid market acceptance because it´s a natural product from a renewable source. In recent times cork has gained a wave of popularity in the fashion industry, cloth, bags, shoes, but also in furniture, leisure products, sports industry and even in the automotive and aerospace industry.
After the cork is harvested, it is transported to the factory where the processing begins.  Think sheets of cork are made from the leftover waste from producing wine stoppers.  These sheets are then backed with fabric and cork leather is formed.

Material and care

All products from The Cork Tree are produced from cork leather to provide the natural beauty of cork allowing for the richness and durability of conventional leather. This eco-friendly wonder material is elegant, waterproof, light, soft, abrasion resistant and requires low maintenance. In order to maximize the natural look of your the Cork leather we suggest to clean when required with a wet wipe or baby wipe. Alternatively you can lightly rub with a clean, damp soft cotton towel.